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Our Game Master has provided us with some tools written in Visual Basic to allow other Game Masters easy access to many game mechanics that really need to be automated.

Here are the first tools.  Please visit here frequently to see more tools.  

This site links to our specific product sites when appropriate. 

  If you like any of these applications, and wish to donate a $1

ASP.NET Web Applications

  • Character Figure
    • Helps players pick a DDM figure that might proxy for a character
  • Community Creator
    • Using D20 Gamma World rules to build post apocalyptic communities
  • Random Mutation
    • allows Game Masters to randomly pick from multiple mutations sources for Gamma World
  • Linguistic Drift
    • converts text to Gamma World text via simple linguistic drift rules
  • Wild Surge
    • Random Generator for Wild Surges
    • Includes Wild Magic and more
  • Adventure Hook Generator
    • Now utilizing the web so you don't have to install anything (except maybe IE4 or above)
    • Can generate 1 to many adventure hooks
    • Future versions may actually allow genre configuration
  • Random Stuff 
    • Randomly pick items for use with RPGs
    • Utilizes our online GMH database with many different tables of data
  • GMH Data Entry
    • A new view into our GMH database
    • Multiple Lists of Items for use in any RPG universe
  • Name Generator 
    • Helps GMs Pick a name from our massive database of names (~169000 and ~134000 unique)
      • Gender selections available
      • First and Last or Full names 
      • Critter names too
      • Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Orc, or Halfling
      • Viking, Byzantine, Anglo-Saxon,  Irish, Kievan  and more
    • Helps GMs fabricate a name from dozens of routines built for name generation.
      • Generates character names
        • multiple array methods
        • whisler matrix method
      • Generates item names as well like
        • armor, energy weapon, and energy shield 
        • planet and species
      • Genre specific
        • Elven, Sylvan, or Goblin
        • Old English or Arthurian
        • Tekumel or Tsolyani
        • Gamman
        • Romulan or Vulcan
        • Hero or Hero Group 
        • Villain or Villain Group 
    • Future releases will have magic item names
      • scroll, potion, and wondrous items
  • Hero Background
    • Helps players create a quick background for a character
    • Helps Game Masters with quick background info for some special NPC
    • Future versions 
  • Alignment Quiz
    • Using a simple formula, determine a characters true alignment
  • Roll Generator
    • Random Dice Rolls based on formulas, ranges, or dice
    • With support for modifiers
  • Dice Formula
    • Helps Game Masters calculate what dice are needed to roll a particular number
    • Now with "pseudo-optimized" calculation

ASP.NET Web Services

  • Roll Generator Web Service
    • Web Service for use in web applications
    • Random Dice Rolls based on formulas, ranges, or dice
    • With support for modifiers
  • Name Generator Service coming soon!

VB.NET Applications

  • Roll Generator .NET
    • Latest .NET technology
    • Random Dice Rolls based on formulas, ranges, or dice
    • With support for modifiers

Visual Basic 6 Applications

Coming Soon 

  • Game Master Helper - Homeworld Generator 
    • for use with Alien Profile Creator and more
  • Game Master Helper - Character Manager
    • Currently helps Game Masters store Player and NPC characters in a database for easy retrieval


  • Additional Tools for use with the GAMe MAster Helper
    • Weapon Manager
    • Gear Manager
    • Armor Manager
    • Vehicle Manager
    • Additional Manager applications too!

Installation Notice!

All installations are as is with no implied warranty.  Use at your own risk.  No guarantee implied or otherwise.  

The installations require the download of the Microsoft Windows Installer.  Please download, run, then go to our products to download product specific MSI files.  For further information on Microsoft Windows Installer, please visit Microsoft at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/release.asp?ReleaseID=30333 

Microsoft Windows Installer requires WinME, Windows 2000 or Windows XP or a special installation upgrade from Microsoft Windows Installer Re-distributable (if this link isn't working, search for the "windows installer re-distributable"

ASP.NET Web are the latest Microsoft platform which improves upon ASP.  Please check back to see some future additions.

ASP.NET Web Services are the latest Microsoft platform which improves upon DCOM  by allowing application functionality over HTTP using SOAP and XML.  For more information on how to use the Web Services provided here, contact gammaworld@xocomp.net 

VB.NET Application  are the latest Microsoft .NET platform applications which improve installation and deployment as well as thousands of new features for making application better.  For more information on how to use the Web Services provided here, contact gammaworld@xocomp.net 

Visit Microsoft to get the latest .NET Framework .  This will allow you to run .NET applications with tiny installation sets.  No more multiple MB downloads unless the data is that big.  Applications can now be distributed in a few K.  The Microsoft Framework SDK may be a little over a 20MB download.


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