Monuments 2015



Kid's campaign started April 2015

D&D 4th edition adventure

Characters found in Monuments

  • DM Manny
  • Corvus is a changeling assassin played by Corbin
  • Desmodus is a eladrin sorcerer played by Dawson (deceased)
  • Orsik is a dwarf barbarian played by Logan
  • Bluebell is a pixie sorcerer played by Nate (deceased)
  • Vladik is a vampire pixie played by Nate  (deceased)
  • Kriv is a dragonborn paladin played by Nick and once by Madison R
  • Juniper is a (deceased) pixie played by Nate
  • Xainash is a (deceased) dragonborn fighter played by Dawson
  • Grumm is a minotaur ranger played by James
  • Trashtog is a goliath paladin played by John (JJ)
  • ? is a pixie played by Nate
  • is a bard played by Madison L?


Character Backgrounds




Corvus is a Changeling. Corvus was born in a community larger than a thorp. His hamlets has up to 400 people. Corvus feels at home in high altitude and rugged lands where vegetation is sparse above the tree line, but forests and meadows predominate lower down. Corvus grew up with cold winters, but warm summers.
Corvus learned a foreign language. Corvus spent time seeking animal skins or meat in the wilderness. Corvus studied comparative cultures of other races and other nationalities.
A ruthless attack by monsters robbed Corvus of all he knew.  Corvus plans Vengeance against the creatures that did this?
Corvus associated skills are Endurance and Nature. Corvus participated in a minor adventure while working on a caravan on a new route. A magical accident transformed Corvus into another creature.Corvus was a human and is now a changeling.

Corvus's family owns at least a small dwelling and can make maintenance payments without significant concern. His family’s income slightly exceeds its needs. Corvus's family has no internal organization. Family members are responsible for their own actions. Combat is a regular part of the lives of Corvus's family. Most adult members are veterans of some combat, and martial weapons and training are commonplace. Corvus's family has neutral ethics or no consistent family ethical direction. Corvus's family’s ethical reputation matches their private ethics. Corvus's family is a part of the system and supports it. Corvus's family openly venerates one deity while privately venerating another. Individuals are treated without regard to Corvus's family name. Corvus could be the child of someone as simple as the village cobbler, or as complex as the weaponsmith for a Dwarf-king but he doesn't know. Corvus's family’s ancestors of note are forgotten. Information about his family may be revealed in a future adventure, however.

Corvus's parents are unknown. Corvus may learn more about them in a future adventure, of course. Corvus is an only child Corvus's grandparents died before he was old enough to remember them. Corvus has other relatives out there somewhere, but doesn’t know who or how many. Corvus doesn’t make friends easily, but Corvus is a good friend to those he has. Corvus has a few close friends. The instructor who taught Corvus everything he knows has vanished. One of Corvus's friends has an enemy, and now that person hates Corvus, too.

Kriv is a Dragonborn. The dominant city in a large country will typically have between 12,001 and 25,000 inhabitants called Pagigoricans.
Kriv grew up in a subterranean community far beneath the surface world. Kriv grew up with cold winters, but warm summers.
Kriv learned a foreign language. Kriv has special military training which includes artillery, armorer, underdark scout, aide de camp, and a bit of logistics. Kriv studied political philosophy.
Kriv found a unique aptitude or talent such as extremely keen vision. Kriv was most influenced by childhood and youth events which cover the most dramatic aspects of his past.
Kriv's family owns a dwelling and may own other property. Family income significantly exceeds basic needs. A friendly family member rules Kriv's family through sharing. Combat is a regular part of the lives of Kriv's family. Most adult members are veterans of some combat, and martial weapons and training are commonplace. Kriv's family holds to the letter of contracts and agreements. Regardless of Kriv's family’s actual ethics, public opinion is so ingrained about his family that it’s essentially unchangeable. Public opinion is accurate and they have commitment from the public. Kriv's family has a ruling political stance. Kriv's family openly venerates one deity Bahamut. Kriv's family is known as stalwart companions. Kriv's family is considered the “upper crust” of the home community. Kriv's ancestor founded a community that still thrives.
Both of Kriv's parents are alive and healthy. Kriv has a fraternal twin, identical twin sibling. Kriv's three grandparents are living. Kriv has 18 living relatives. Kriv has several friends who are companions and associates but who aren’t intimately close. Kriv's favorite instructor of note is of a different race Dwarf. Kriv's family has earned the enmity of a person the captain of the guard Stewart.


Desmodus is a Eladrin.  Desmodus's grew up in an Elven City and only a handful of these cities exist. They are the center of elven government. Between 2,000 and 5,000 elves call them home.  Whether it’s a tangled jungle or sparser pines, trees are the dominant feature of the landscape, that makes Desmodus feel at home. Desmodus grew up with cold winters, but warm summers. 

Desmodus learned how to read and write. Desmodus has apprenticed with a wizard for arcane instruction. Desmodus learned basic mathematics.
Desmodus aided in the defense of the community against raiders. As a result of some calamity, Desmodus was forced to become a displaced person.
Desmodus has no known family. The female members control Desmodus's family. Desmodus's family relies on outside protection such as guards or mercenaries. Desmodus's family often tries to break agreements. Family policy has changed for the better, but Desmodus's family’s reputation has not yet been affected. Interesting question as to how the policy changed, and why? Desmodus's family is a part of the system and supports it. Desmodus's family is a part of a religious order. Desmodus's family is treated in general with contempt, but occasionally a family member has demonstrated positive qualities and earned respect. Desmodus's family is considered the “upper crust” of the home community. Desmodus's family produced a cleric of some repute.
Desmodus has 4 younger siblings. Desmodus's grandparents died before he was old enough to remember them. Desmodus has 13 living relatives. Desmodus has several friends who are companions and associates but who aren’t intimately close. A top-notch instructor taught Desmodus more advanced arcane techniques. Desmodus wronged someone in a social context.


Orsik is a Dwarf.  Orsik's life in the mine could be mundane where metals like iron or copper, precious stones like diamonds, or something more exotic could be found. The population ranges from 21 to 50.  Orsik feels at home anyplace where precipitation and vegetation are rare. This could include anything from a sandy wasteland to a rugged field of lava. Orsik lives where conditions are warm year-round.
Orsik learned the religious beliefs of his community for Kord. He embraced them. Orsik learned an unusual trade such as bookkeeping or the law. Orsik learned basic mathematics.
Orsik served his faith in a minor capacity perhaps including a minor vow to Kord.
Orsik's family has no internal organization. Family members are responsible for their own actions. Orsik's family maintains a low level of readiness including a few weapons and an occasional discussion of how to defend against low-level monsters. Orsik's family often tries to recant promises. Orsik's family is unfairly painted as cheats and has a lower reputation than they deserve, it’s clear the community has the wrong idea. Orsik's family is a part of the system but is open to suggestions for change. Orsik's family is deeply committed to a patron deity Kord. Orsik's family is treated in general with contempt, but occasionally a family member like Orsik has demonstrated positive qualities and earned respect. Orsik's family is considered the “upper crust” of the home community. Orsik's ancestor was once a king who lost power and fled to a new land.
Both of Orsik's parents are deceased, and only Orsik knows how the parents passed away. Orsik is an only child Orsik remember his grandparents, but they have passed away. Orsik has no living relatives beyond the ones already mentioned. Orsik's significant friend is missing. A particularly good instructor taught Orsik the basic skills. Orsik edged someone out in some affair of the heart, and that person holds a grudge.


World notes

The world is populated with monuments as a big part of the world.

Massive structures dot the landscape over places of power.

Campaign map

Adventure 1:  Searching for Kriv

The group overhears a discussion about the governor of the land's son disappearing on the road between Podgorica and Bar.  The group tries to volunteer to assist but the trained militia and guards seem to frown upon the efforts of amateurs.  The guards are rude and self surving and try to scare the party away.  The captain of the guard leads a armored troop of 30 down the road to Bar and can't seem to move fast at all.  The party follows and gets in the way a couple of times.  The group eventually decides to run ahead of the caravan and start to search on their own.

The group eventually finds a place to camp after a full days searching the road.  The group is attacked that night by goblins.  The next morning the group follows the goblin tracks deep into the woods.  The group twarts an ambush by more goblins then eventually fight off some goblins riding goblin dogs. 

The group continues following a trail and is ambushed once again but this time the four party members are beaten down and taken alive.  The goblins haul the bodies to a lair beneath a few hills.

The group struggles to escape some rope bonds and Desmodus teleports out of his restraints.  Goblins quickly subdue him again.  Corvus is smarter, slips free and changes into a goblin and starts untieing his allies and he finds Kriv.  The group alerts the goblins when Orsik abruptly stands up.  The group finds their weapons and fight their way out of the goblin lair with the aid of Kriv and his 2 guards. 



Adventure 2:  Escaping the Goblin Den

As the group finds the exit to the lair, they enter the dark forest at night.  Goblins pour out of the cave exit searching for the group.  The group tries to run but goblins catch up to Desmodus and beat him down.  Bluebell uses ghost sound to lure some goblins away and it works while the rest of the party quickly handle the goblins in the area who were trying to return Desmodus to the lair.  Kriv and his guards are very helpful and thankful that Corvus freed them.


The group continues on into the night.  Desmodus is in desperate need of attention and healing.










Adventure 3:  Returning Kriv to Podgorica

The group managed to beat the last goblins nearby and snuck through the woods further away from the goblin lair.  The group travelled quickly and carelessly and everyone stumbled upon a huge spiderweb almost simultatneously.  The web was drapped across the forest trees and in ensnared the entire party.  Even Corvus Raven was stuck with Bluebell as the rider.  The group struggled to free themselves as large spiders descended for a meal.  Desmodus was attacked and the venom ran through his veins and caused him to fall early right after blasting a few spiders.  Orsik managed to free himself and headed over to Desmodus' body.  Corvus, Kriv, and Bluebell fought more spiders as they fell from the webbing.  Eventually, Kriv too fell to the poisononous bites.  Orsik saved Desmodus and ran around to Kriv.  Bluebell was struck and fell off the raven to get stuck in other webs.  Kriv's guard and archer fought well to and took some spider bites themselves.  Corvus and the Raven broke free and backed away while throwing daggers at the spiders.  Orsik revived Kriv and Desmodus revived Bluebell.    Orsik was the hero of the night having selflessly reviving two members of the group.


As they got further lost in the woods wandering near the lake, they eventually found the road between Podgorica and Bar.  The group quickly followed the road back to Podgorica where they accompanied Kriv to the governors mansion.  Nothing as lavish as a palace, but far larger than a simple plantation home.  The governor was grateful that the party had rescued Kriv and his guards.  The governor promised the group further work and room and board.  He bestowed upon them some much needed upgrades to their equipment and weapons.


The next night the group decided to go to a tavern with Kriv.  Kriv was flurting with a young woman from Bar and some pirate types confronted the group.  Desmodus spent little time and slapped a large pirate and a brawl ensued.  Corvus tried to calm Desmodus down but found himself fighting on two fronts.  Kriv joined in and knocked a guy down as did Corvus.  Desmodus was knocked out too.  The group left Desmodus and the unconscious pirates in the pub as they returned to the palace.


Adventure 4:  First Monument of Podgorica

The next day the group was asked by Kriv's father to head to an ancient monument that was housing a goblin hoard.  The group was to investigate and fight the goblins but basically gather intel about the monument and goblins that lived there.

The group travelled for a few hours before arriving at a huge monument.  The group was noisy and a few goblins got the jump on them.  Desmodus and Kriv managed to burn a few while Orsik beat the others down easily.  Corvus was wounded badly but recovered.  The group found a bit of treasure on the goblins.


Shortly after, Desmodus entered the area under the monument and found a pit with fire beetles crawling out of it.  The beetles immediately started squirting fire at the party.  Kriv and Orsik with Corvus held off the beetles while Desmodus and Bluebell attacked with spells.  Kriv and Orsik sliced through the beetles taking multiple direct hits from fire squirts.


Adventure 5:  Beneath the Podgorica Monument
The group descends a ladder and finds an area with goblin dogs eating on old bodies.  The group doesn't spend much time to kill the dogs.  The group searches the bodies and then descend further into the cavern beneath the monument.
Bluebell is caught off guard as she finds many goblins with red hands drawn on their armor.  The goblins pull the pixie towards them and they kill her.  The rest of the group springs into action and defeat the remaining goblins.  The group decides to leave the monument and return back to Podgorica after facing the loss of bluebell.

Adventure 6:  Route to the Podgorica Monument

The party rested for the night and buried Bluebell.  At the funeral the group met Vladik a vampire pixie related to Bluebell.  He wanted vengence on the goblins. 

The group takes the task presented by Riskis to return to the Monument to clean out the goblins and investigate the red hand further.

The group is opposed by Stewart the captain of the guard but he backs down when confronted by Riskis.

The group heads to the monument taking the main road and they are ambushed by some brigands and bandits.  The group beats the bandits down and find a note that mentions the party and a payoff to stop them.

The group heads into the forest and are attacked by a swarm of drakes.  The group manages to defeat the drakes and continue along the route to the Monument.

The group is ambushed again by 3 goblins hiding in trees.  Vladik sprinkles fairy dust on Orsik which allows him to fly up to the goblin in a tree.  Orsik and Vladik manage to take the goblins out of the trees while Desmodus concentrates on a distant goblin with his fire spells.


The group continues to the monument and see some hobgoblins walking around the outside, three are marked with the red hand symbol.


Adventure 7:  Outside the Podgorica Monument

The group sees a few hobgoblins walking around the perimeter of the monument and the hobgoblins detect Kriv.


The party confronts the hobgoblins surrounding the monument and quickly dispatch them.   Vladik strikes quickly to bite a hobgoblin.  The hobgoblins strike with lightning staffs and some push and pull spells.  Orsik strikes one down, charges another and strikes him down, then charges a 3rd.  Desmodus drops fire on the hobgoblins.  Kriv goes down but once again Orsik revives him. 


The group feels confident as they proceed down the shaft below the monument.


Adventure 8:  Descent into the Podgorica Monument


The party descended into the darkness and found the transportation rune they had noticed before.  Desmodus mentioned that they would teleport somewhere within the monument underground complex.  The group stepped on although Orsik hesitated.  The group found themselves near a pool of water with needle drakes approaching them and kobold wyrmpriests nearby in the darkness.

The group fought the needledrakes and Corvus went down quickly.  Desmodus was shuffled away from the party and burned some drake swarm and exchanged attacks with a kobold.  The kobold knocked Desmodus out.  Orsik was knocked out and Kriv healed him.  Orsik used the teleporter to get a break by stepping into the pool.  Kriv and Vladik fought the remaining drakes and kobolds.  Vladik defeated his kobold as Kriv held off the needle drake swarms.  Orsik returned and in a fury took out a swarm of drakes, charged to a kobold and killed him.  Kriv defeated his swarm and proceeded to heal Corvus and Orsik ran to save Desmodus.  The group managed to defeat the last kobold just after it breathed on them.

The group was pretty damaged and they needed to take a long rest.


Adventure 9:  Resting in the Podgorica Monument


The group teleported to the cavern above and setup to rest for the night.  During the night near the end of the watches, Krvi noticed 3 large bugs feasting on the carcases of the dead goblin dogs.  Kriv quietly woke Corvus and then Corvus woke Desmodus and Vladik.  Desmodus climbed a nearby slope and made enough noise to attract the Ankhegs.  Desmodus and Kriv were carried away and the bugs proceeded to descend a long shaft carved into the cave floor.  One Ankheg snagged Vladik as well.  Corvus and Orsik got in the way of the bug carrying Kriv and the three managed to beat the bug down.  Vladik managed to crush his Ankheg and it was pushed back while in the shaft.  Desmodus managed to escape the grasp of his captor but he then fell to the bottom of the shaft.  Desmodus was dying when Orsik tied off a rope, handed it to Kriv and jumped to the Ankheg fighting Vladik and killed it.  The last Ankheg returned to the surface to be defeated by the group.  Orsik descended to heal Desmodus.


Adventure 10:  Exploring the Podgorica Monument

The group went through the teleport circle to find a room full of hobgoblins.  The group fought them because they held a boar and were ready to cook it.


Adventure 11:   Were Rats

After returning to the city, the governor suggested that the group contact the captain of the gurads for any odd jobs.  The captain wasn't pleasant but told the group of some recent deaths and robberies in the lower districts.  The group found out that wererats were behind the attacks when they were attacked in the streets by a gang of thugs who then changed into wererats.  The group followed leads and eventually came to a warehouse.  Upon entering the werehouse the group fought more wererats, Desmodus died from injuries sustained from the wererats attacks.

Adventure 12:  More Were Ratsh

 Kriv joined the group with 2 new body guards and then descended into a lower level to fight another massive group of were rats.  The group managed to defeat them all and found a storehouse full of stolen goods.  The group returned to the Captain of the guard for more details.


Adventure 13:  Niksic Monument

The group asked the captain of the town guard for a mission and he suggested they go to a monument where there was a rumor of some dragons.

The group ventured to the monument and was ambushed by a bunch of beserkers.  The group quickly dispatched the beserkers and continued to the town of Niksic.  At the town they picked up another pixie guide named Juniper.  The group proceeded to the nearby monument. 

The group descended down some stairs beneath the monument to find a cavern and a worked guard room.  The group was attacked by some Ettercaps.  After defeating the Ettercaps, the group found a room with a burning fireplace and were attacked by a fire elemental.  The group barely managed to defeat it then took a daily rest. 

The next morning the group wandered further into the lair and found a room with some armor.  The group almost lost the boar as they had to jump across a crack in the floor.  The group then found a trapped door and Troshtog got hit by its affects.  The group explored further and found some large caverns.


Adventure 14:  Beneath the Monument at Niksic


The group continued through the caverns and encountered a large owl bear.  After many attacks, the owlbear grabbed Orsik and crushed him.  The group morned Orsik but continued on after a nights rest. 

The group found an alter and were shocked by some traps.  The party then found another door that led to a large chamber.  In the large chamber the group fought five Earthquake Dragons. The group encountered a wandering goblin who aided them in the fight against the dragons. The group was battered and beaten when at the last second the Goliath and Minotaur arrived to help them defeat the last dragon.  The group collected the loot and headed out of the caverns below the monument.


Adventure 15:  Returning to Podigorica


The party returned to the city but before they exited the Monument they were met by a large Earthquake dragon.  After a long battle, the group managed to defeat the dragon and headed back to town.  The group made some coin after telling the town they defeated the dragons.

In Podgorica the group was talking with the captain of the guards when a riot broke out.  The group was asked to assist some of the city guards in squashing the riot and they helped knock out most peasants and found two people responsible for insiting the riot.



Adventure 16:  Another Monument

The group returned to the governor and gathered a new job to seek another monument outside the realm.

The group was sent to the next nearest monument and had to face some gnolls along the way.  When they arrived at the monument they found more gnolls.  The group struggled to overcome the gnolls and lost Juniper during the battle.



Adventure 17:  Gnolls everywhere

The group waited for gnolls to come pouring up the stairs and ambushed them.  The group stood their ground and defeated a dozen gnolls.



Adventure 18:  Capture in the Gnoll warren

The group descended into the Gnoll warren and defeated many gnolls, but the gnolls managed to defeat the group.  Kriv tried to escape but the gnolls chased him and beat him down.  Xainash was defeated, the rest were captured and imprisoned by the gnolls.