Helotry 2016


Helotry Campaign

Manny's campaign restarts February 2016

D&D 4th edition adventure

Characters of Helotry

  • DM Manny
  • Foos is a pixie shaman played by Kyle
  • Khashan is a Kalashtar mage played by Tim
  • Oisin is a human warlord played by Dav
  • Ceraphi is a half-elf druid played by Kenny
  • Zanth is a human monk played by Ryan
  • Valtor is a gnome bard played by Matthew.
  • Grrr is a goliath slayer played by Eddie.


Milo is an elf rogue (decesased) played by Eddie

Aureus is a human paladin (decesased) played by Kyle



Zanth’s history
All he knows he has learned from his teacher at his monastery. So these events could or could not be truthful that is up the DM, however Zanth believes them to be true and has complete trust in his leaders at the monastery.
Physical Characteristics
Age: 17
Hair: Spiked brushed back Mohawk (i.e. similar to the ridges on the back of a dragon)
Hair color: dark brown
Facial Hair: None
Facial Description: He face is mostly smooth
Eye color: golden
Weight: 165lbs
Height: 5’11”
Description: Lean and cut (think cross-fit) as part of his monastic tradition being a non-dragonborn he is given scale tattoos as he grows in skill, training and wisdom. He currently has tattoos on the top of his hand to past his wrist (think short gauntlets).
Clothing: loose fitting linen clothes, pants are long and wrapped at the bottom at top of boots. Leather boots wrapped for a watertight fitting. Loose fitting linen top with short sleeves and deep v neck. He wears a bandana featuring the symbol of his monastic order.

He was taken in by his monastery near after birth because his parents could not afford another child they were poor and wanted him to have a chance at a better life than they could provide.  


Alignment: Lawful good
Religion: Bahamut, his monastery has strict religious practices
He was raised to respect the law as long as it does not conflict with rules of his monastic order, as a good moral person he will not do evil under any circumstance. He would rather die. He will not do evil if the end result will good. He does not believe in the concept the end justified the means. (His concept of what is good is also shaped by his monastery) He knows common but prefers to speak draconic and will only speak common if others do not understand draconic.

Religious practices

He has taken a vow of poverty, he is allowed to have possessions that make him better as a monk but no excess possessions or gold. He is allowed to keep gold while he is on mission as he might need it to do things along the way.
He has also taken a vow of charity, he will help those in need as long as it does not violate the other tenants of his beliefs.

He has short prayers he must recite at sunrise and sunset or flagellate himself before the next time he prays. He has a small silver bowl that is always full (water does not slosh out though, you can't pour the water out or anything etc.) that he uses to wash his hand and face before prayers, it can only be used for this purpose and use for any others is sacrilege.


Zanth currently finds himself servant of Herensuge Kin Earta a gold dragon.

Khashan's Background

Khashan Haldasson lived in a small village of around 800, the youngest of two children of a merchant family. He grew up working with his family and found that he was a natural with people, loving to entertain customers as his father bargained with them. However, as he got older and his Quori soul made itself known, the people in the village began to shun him, and some of the other merchants began to spread rumors that his father's good fortune was due to him invading people's minds.
This came to a head one night when his house was burned down while armed men waited outside. Khashan managed to escape and quickly fled the village. He assumes that the men were hired by rival merchants and that the rest of his family was killed, but never went back to check.
He travelled for a time, generally chumming with whoever could put him up for a time, then moving on. Eventually he was discovered by a wizard named Tureem who was a friend of the Kalashtar, and spent the next few years apprenticing with him, learning magic, until at last Tureem fell victim to one too many practical jokes and decided that Khashan was ready to go out into the world.
Since then Khashan has wandered, never staying in one place for long, using his magic or wits to pay for his meals. He still enjoys people but is distrustful of others. He constantly overstates (or blatantly makes up) things he has done (preferably if it's not verifiable) and doesn't share his true background.
Khashan comes to find himself under the direction of Tatsuya Zilar a Silver Dragon.

Aureus works indirectly for Tatsuya Zilar a Silver Dragon.

Milo works for a Black Dragon

Oisin (Un-Sheen) works for a Dragonborn

Valtor works for a Green Dragon

Rumors ....... Recently, there has been unexplained deaths among the local Dragonborne nobility. This obviously has many locals concerned. Rumors say it is the work of the corrupt head of the some guild, but none know the truth. It's up to you to get to the bottom of the controversy and learn what it means for all the folk and lands around Madro. Recently, there has been rash of major thefts from the rich and powerful. This obviously has many locals concerned. It's up to you to get to the bottom of the controversy and learn what it means for all the folk and lands around the graveyard west of Madro. Recently, there has been seemingly random wildfires claiming the local farms and nearby forests. This obviously has many locals concerned. Rumors say it is the work of the traitorous former captain of the guard, but none know the truth. It's up to you to get to the bottom of the controversy and learn what it means for all the folk and lands around a small, poorly explored forest north west of Madro. Recently, there has been desecration of a local temple outside Madro. This obviously has many locals concerned. Rumors say it is the work of a brilliant and ruthless adept, but none know the truth. It's up to you to get to the bottom of the controversy and learn what it means for all the folk and lands around the ruins of the temple west of Madro. Recently, there has been rise in the local monstrous beast population west of Madro, investigate what is driving the magical beasts from the west. Recently, there has been mysterious rumors of wild magics and powerful summonings in the area. Recently, there has been destruction of property by fire. This obviously has many locals concerned. Rumors say it is the work of a pious and powerful cleric of an evil faith, but none know the truth. It's up to you to get to the bottom of the controversy and learn what it means for all the folk and lands around a desecrated temple. Recently, there has been arcane lights and unidentified sounds that come at night . This obviously has many locals concerned. Rumors say it is the work of the nemesis of one of the dragon lords, but none know the truth. Recently, there has been increase in activity from a long-standing threat of brigands and assassins. This obviously has many locals concerned. Rumors say it is the work of an infamous barbarian warrior or evil knight, but none know the truth

Adventure 1:  Rumors surrounding a Town
Individuals are asked to investigate rumors coming from a town south of Madro.  Their noble dragons and Dragon Lords suggest their leiges to invstigate.  The group joins for a caravan to the south west and during an evening rest encounter brigands.  The brigands are nice enough to respect a man-on-man duel with Aureus and their champion Adam.  Aureus defeats Adam easily and the brigands reluctantly flee.
The party gels over the next day and enter the town.  The group proceeds to the temple to find that hte temple of the 12 has been defiled.  After talking to the head priest and checking the temple, the group soon figures it is goblins.  The group searches for Bernie the head acolyte and find him resting with goblin alter boys.  The group brings the goblins and Bernie back to the temple to clean and are attacked by one of the goblins.  It is discovered that the goblin and Bernie had medalions of an Elder Ancient god. 
After more investigation the group descends into the sewers to find the cult hideout.  The group is attacked by an ooze, but quickly defeat it.

Adventure 2:  Below the Town
The group continued through the sewers and stumbled upon Ceraphi a druid tied to some bars.  She was rescued and mentioned that there were creatures beneath the sewer water.  Shortly after the group encountered some strange froglike creature unknown to the group.  The group fought the froglike creature and more appeared.  A goblin ambused them from a distance away and was joined by more goblins.   The group managed to beat the creatures and goblins away and one goblin ran deeper into the sewer system .  The group captured the remaining goblins and tied them together.
The group persued and eventually came upon a large chamber filled with sewer pools and 3 goblins near some sort of alter.  The group proceeded and more froglike creatures from the sewers appeared.  The group struggled but eventually overcame the froglike creatures an ooze and the 3 goblins.  The group allowed the captive goblins to drown or be eaten by the froglike creatures.  The group finally managed to reach the goblin cultists and defeat them after taking an extreme beating.    The group heard the words of the goblins leader as it prayed to some elder god.

Adventure 3:  Return to the Surface, Milo's demise
The group took the captive goblins and brought them to the nearby jailer on the surface of Kror Manor.  The group then investigated the appearance of wild beasts..  The group foound that wild beasts had ravaged the town the night they returned and slept in the inn.  The next day the group went to the farms on the outskirts of town and tracked the beasts through multiple farmsteads.  The group decided to wait a day or so and find out what was driving the beasts.  A few days waiting and the group found a group of wild boars being driven by an orc on a wolf.  The group defeated 3 boars but Milo paid the ultimate price and was killed by a charging boar.  Ceraphi was infected when one of the boars heads exploding releasing some weird tentacle larva.
The group tried to get Ceraphi cured by the village priest but they werent convinced of his devotion.
The group used Milo's money and items to barter for some horses to return to Madro.
The group avoided confrontation with the brigands on the route to Madro.
The group took Milo's body back to Madro and had Ceraphi cured of her disease at a local temple in Madro.  Aurelius traded his belt for the cure disease needed for Ceraphi.
The group individually went to their slave owners and were told to return to investigate further.
Only the Silver Dragon rewarded Aurelius and Khashan for their efforts with a magic weapon of their choosing.

Adventure 4:  Return to the Manor
The group returned to the Manor to seek the orcs hideout.  The group finds a trail that leads to an old road that heads to some old keep.  Along the road the group finds an injured trapper.  Upon further investigation they learn that the trapper was exposed to the tentacle grubs and find he is infected beyond their capacity.  His wounds are puss filled with writhing tentacles inside.  The group aids him and he tells them about a path that leads to the keep off the road.  The group takes the path through the woods and start to hear voices coming from the trees.  The trees suggest they turn back, but the group persists.  The group finally comes to an area where they can spy on the keep and send Zanth ahead to scout.
The group decided it best not to attack a keep full of orcs so they waited outside the permieter of the keep.  During their wait an orc patrol happen upon them.  The group quickly dispatched the orcs and tied them up to find they were worshiping an elder tentacle god, but none of the orcs appeared to be infected.
The group decided to find the road leading from the keep and ambush the orc on the wolf driving the boars.
The group waited and ambushed the orc and the boars ran off in multiple directions.  The orc was captured and the group decided to take another road back to Madro.
During their trek back to Madro they encountered another squad of Orcs that were sent to rescue the orc prisoner.  The group quickly defeated these orcs.
After another days journey towards Madro the group encountered a well armored Dragonborn squad on the road.

Adventure 5:  Return to Madro
The group headed to Madro with the orc, but met Prothero a Dragonborn intent on turning the group away because of the embargo.
The group complied but ducked into the woods to camp for the night. Prothero and his men arrived in the morning and attacked. Most of the group just yielded to his authority and Prothero was about to beat them down when Khashan did some quick prestidigitation to produce a document for passage.
Prothero allowed his goliath Grrr to accompany the party back to Madro.
Before entering Madro the group got the high priest of Bahamut to remove the disease from the orc.
In Madro most of the party returned to their dragon lords and informed them of the trouble in Kror Manor. Many were rewarded. The group then brought the orc to the prison.
THe group was then tasked with accompanying the cleric of Bahamut to Kror.
At Kror the group encountered an epidemic and with the aid of the cleric Bahamut they managed to clean the town in 21 days. The group proceeded to clean the surrounding farms too.
After the town was disease free, the group headed to the orc stronghold. They even gained passage through the woods through some negotiations.

Adventure 6:  The Orc Stronghold
The group strategically eliminated many of the orcs from the stronghold.  Then the group split up to allow the gnome to distract some orcs from the stronghold while the remaining group entered from the opposite side.  The plan worked except the gnome didnt have a way to sustain the distraction. 
The group attacked the orcs and were doing well then someone kept summoning aberrant creatures similar to what the group fought before.  The creatures were defeated after the group eliminated the goblin summoning the creatures.  Aurelius  fell unconscious and died when one of the creatures started eating him.  The group did their best to clean up the temple from additonal tentacle worms that the goblin released.  One infected orc escaped into the forest.  The group dismantled the summoning altar.
Adventure 7:  The Forest
The group tied many orcs together and proceeeded through the forest to recover the other orc patrols they had defeated and tied to trees.
Just before leaving the group met Grrr and Grrr had brought along a small pixie with him.
The forest wasn't happy and immediately leaves started blowing around causing a problem for their progress. Then voices could be heard from the wind blowing through the trees... the forest wasn't allowing them to continue. Vines lashed out from the forest floor and small furry animals attacked the party. The group was attacked by bunnies, squirrels, and even a duck. The forest lashed out with swarms of crickets which surrounded party members. The party eventually had to face two large plant creatures and a wood wold. The party eliminated the plants and small animals and proceeded to the manor. Many orcs managed to escape their binds.
The group returned to the manor and found the cleric of Bahamut. They informed him that one infected orc had fled.
The group tracked the orc to the old temple burial grounds of Madro. The group noticed that the temple was desecrated and signs of Orcus were upon the doors. The group had to deal with a bunch of zombies rising from the grounds around them.

Adventure 8:  The Temple
The group attempted to check the temple doors for traps but didnt find anything.  The group went into the temple and found 2 cultists summoning against each other.  One summoner was a devotee of Orcus and was surrounded by demons, the other was a cloaked figure surrounded by aberant critters.  The aberrants were infecting the demons.  The cultist of Orcus summoned some demons to attack the party and the group was also attacked by an infected Orc riding an aberant critter. 
The group helped neither summoner and was quickly out done with the onslaught of demons and aberrant critters.  The orcus summoner was killed by his own demons after they became infected.  Zanth did his best to get close to the aberrant summoner and eventually the summoner morphed into some strange aberrant beast himself. 
The group kept battling masses of writhing tentacles as beasts and demons alike were killed.  Most of the party was infected except Grrrr, someone suggested the cleric of Bahamet exit to be able to heal them later.

Adventure 9:  The Elder Thing
The group fought and 3 aberrations escaped the Temple and fled the area.  The templed filled up with tentacles and the group had exit quickly.  Grrr was dominated multiple times but the group managed to deal with his hits.  Oisin was eventually dominated as the black beast disappeared through the portal.  The group narrowly escaped the temple filling up with tentacles.
The group fled to Madro and were told to return to hunt down the 3 escape aberrations.  The group returned to the temple then tracked down   The group tracked an Elder Thing into the woods and it was fast creating a summoning circle.    Prothero boasted of killing the Elder Thing even though he was dominated most of the battle.  The group defeated it quite quickly and broke the summoning circle.  The group returned to the temple to track the other ones.

Adventure 10:  The Chaos Beast
The group met near the temple to Sehanine and found a weeping young woman Sarah who mentioned a Hamlet in the southern mountains which was plagued by abberations.  The group assured her they would help, but searched the temple to find that graves in the vicinity had been dug up.  They noted that graves that werent dug up were marked with runes of the Twisted Rune.  Oisin didnt believe they were marks of the twisted rune and struck one.  The symbol glowed for a second.  The group tracked an Elder Thing to the forest and beat on it until it fled.  The group broke the constructed summoning circle and chased the Elder Thing back to another temple of Ioun.  In the temple of Ioun the group killed the Elder Thing and Prothero boasted about his killings.  The group attacked a woman but she seemed to be a non-threat until Valtor started snooping around.  The woman soon changed into a Chaos Beast and started whipping tentacles everywhere.  The chaos beast turned the cleric and Prothero into a pile of goo and was turning to other members of the party shortly after.

Adventure 11:  Battling the Chaos Beast
The group defeated the beast and headed south east to the Hamlet where they heard more creatures were eminating from.